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January 2001 saw Stella Kgalalelo Mokwena the founder and CEO of Staza Cleaning Services (PTY) Ltd resigning from her job as a banker.


At that stage she was responding to her desire to run her own business and a vision to contribute in building of the then “new South Africa”.  Stella Mokwena was influenced by the training and skills acquired at her former employers Sceptre Engineering and Standard Bank where she worked as a “Girl Friday” and Head of Customer Service respectively.


With her passion for people and excellent service she had a dream to start and run a company that will develop people and deliver excellent customer service, creating happy experiences for everybody involved.


Once a university dropout herself, influenced by her own background, Stella realised that for various reason, life has a tendency to leave good people by the road side. She started thinking of all those “A” students that she went to school with, some of whom never really amounted to anything and wondered whether they would not be happy for someone to just give them a second chance in life. She started her entrepreneur journey determined to give someone a second chance and she has never lost that passion.


It was with this background that in year 2000 Stella looked at herself and agreed with herself that she had what it takes to start her own business and realise her dream. Equipped with a BCom Accounting and Business Management degree, various courses from banking including “excellent Customer Service” and experience from her previous employers, she felt ready to start and run her own company that will give people a second chance and give both clients and her workers happy experiences. This dream was propelled by her perception that the new dispensation provided a lot of opportunities that were taken by entrepreneurs who did not have nether skills nor passion of what they were doing

Stella started her entrepreneurial journey by joining another entrepreneur who pursued the idea of creating jobs for youth by selling sweets and other snacks inside corporate buildings. Stella‘s role in that venture was to recruit, train and manage those employees.


It did not take long for Stella to realise that the idea was easier said than done. She then thought, “If only I could get someone who is already in business, I am sure they would share with me ideas on how this could be done”. It was under these circumstances that she engaged with a friend, Solly Sebola, who was already running a cleaning business and asked him to mentor her. Although he was willing to mentor her, he did not think the idea of selling sweets in corporate buildings was a great one. However, he said to Stella, “When you have found a bigger idea, come back to me and I will mentor you”.


After giving it some thought, Stella realised that if she started a cleaning company she would have a mentor right away. By nature of the business, she would still realise her own dream of giving people a second chance and creating happy experiences through excellent customer service to her client. Needless to say, she jumped on the phone and called Solly Sebola, the mentor to tell him of her decision and also to ask what to do next. Solly told her to find a lawyer who could assist her to register the business and to contact him after the business has been registered.


"I will forever be grateful to you my friend, Solly Sebola"

With such a clear vision in the founder’s mind, it was easy to choose names which she believed would reflect the the purpose of the business. Amongst those names was "Staza", which stands for STArs in Zuid Afrika. The mission has always been very clear, we go out there and find Stars in the communities, train, motivate and develop them to create happy experiences for our clients.

of Staza:



Expose these people to the working world

Develop these individuals

Create happy experiences to all involved with Staza





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